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Venik is a client / server backdoor using covert channels and allowing attackers to get control of computers over networks (internet, local networks, …) even if they are protected by network security equipments like firewalls.

News and changelog

2011-02-17 Release of Venik 0.2
2010-02-10 Release of Venik 0.1


This program intended to be used for legal purpose only. Venik should not be used against machines you do not own or administer, or have prior permission to run remote control softwares on. Even if you are a system administrator, you should ask permission from your management. The authors take no responsibility for any problems related to running Venik with or without permission.


Platforms Windows / Unix
Language English
License Gnu General Public License version 3.0
Last update 2011-02-17 – Version 0.2
Categories Hacking, ICMP backdoor, ICMP tunneling, Covert channels



Requirements on Venik server:
Operating systems Windows / Unix
Architectures x86-32 bits (x86-64 bits currently not supported)
Softwares JRE (Java Runtime Environment) 1.6 or later
MySQL server 5.0 or later
Requirements on Venik client:
Operating systems Unix (Windows is currently not supported)
Architectures x86-32 bits and x86-64 bits
Softwares Hexdump


You must read and comply with the Gnu General Public License version 3.0 before downloading Venik.

Download the [download id= »2″ format= »5″] (downloaded [download id= »2″ format= »3″] times).

You can also download previous releases of Venik.


You can read official Venik User Guide (English | pdf | 1.09 Mo).

To understand how does Venik work exactly, you can read Modélisation, conception et implémentation d’une porte dérobée à canaux cachés ICMP (French | pdf | 314 Ko). This document is only available in french.

Third parties

Venik server uses third parties. All these third parties are identified here.

Bugs and support

Bugs may be reported to However, VENIK makes no guarantees of any corrective.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read Frequently Asked Questions about Venik.